Our Website Has Moved!

January 10, 2011

Hey everyone!  With a new year there’s got to be new beginnings!  And with that, I am pleased to announce that we have moved to a new site.  Come catch us over here:


See you on the other side!

College Winter Retreat – Jan. 15-17

December 23, 2010

Don’t delay in signing up!  Beautiful Santa Cruz, great food, memorable fellowship, thought-provoking messages, and most importantly… connecting with God.  Make sure to start off the new year 2011 right.  It’s only $100 if you pay before Dec. 31, a huge bargain considering this covers 8 meals and lodging!

SFSU Koinonia 2010 Year End Video

December 19, 2010

Hey everyone! What a packed semester! If you could not make it for bible study on Thursday, we showed an end of the semester slideshow. Just in case you missed it or would like to see it again, here it is! Enjoy! Check again soon for another video.

SFSU Koinonia New Blog Site

January 7, 2011

Sorry if you haven’t seen any posts this break. We are currently working on a new site, so please check again soon. We will open up the new site soon.

BTW – what do you think about this picture?

SFSU & USF Koinonia Annc ~ 12/14/2010

December 13, 2010

Hey Koinonia!  To keep you encouraged throughout finals, we’ve got a great lineup this week!  First, we hope you will be able to join us for Bible study this Thursday.  We will be meeting at Arballo House at 6:30pm starting with a hearty dinner.  Afterwards, we will be going over to watch Narnia!  If you are done with finals, we invite you to join us to watch the exciting and deeply meaningful third installment of the Chronicles of Narnia, which is entitled “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”
=====We interrupt this blog post for a VERY IMPORTANT announcement.  COLLEGE WINTER RETREAT is coming up sooner than you think, and it’s time to sign up.  Go to the webpage www.gracepointonline.org/signups.  The retreat goes from SAT Jan. 15 – MON Jan. 17 and will be at Mt. Hermon in Santa Cruz, so please plan your winter vacation accordingly.  For cost, it’s an astounding deal of $100 (early bird special) to cover for 8 meals and lodging!  So please be sure to give your payment to your staff (checks made out to “Gracepoint”).  This retreat is the spiritual highlight of the year, and we encourage all of you to come join us.  If you miss this retreat, you will be kicking yourself.  So don’t miss it!!!!!!======

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…  On Friday, we will be going over somewhere for ice skating!  Don’t miss out on the fun and the falls (first-timers, don’t be intimidated, ice skating is fun and easy… most of the time).  On Sunday, we’ll be back in Berkeley for Sunday Worship Service, so if you’re still around because you got that last annoying Monday final, join us!

Merry Christmas Koinonia!  Good luck on all your finals!

Merry Christmas from SFSU Koinonia!

What | Bible Study followed by “Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader” viewing
When | 6:30pm starting with dinner
Where | 516 Arballo Dr

What | Ice Skating at Yerba Buena Ice Center
When | meet by Life Groups
Where | meet by Life Groups

What | Worship Service
When | 1:00pm
Where | Willard Auditorium in Berkeley
(Rides at the Dorm Stop at 12:00pm, contact Erickson for rides info)

SAT JAN 15 – MON JAN 17:
What | College Winter Retreat!!!
When | MLK Weekend
Where | Mt. Hermon Conference Center in Santa Cruz

SFSU & USF Koinonia Annc ~ 12/7/2010

December 7, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la.  Christmas is almost here, so it’s time that we venture back more than 2,000 years ago to that incredible event in history…  the birth of Jesus Christ.  It’s what the season is all about!  But if that hurts your head to go that far back, let’s recap the events of last week.  Last Friday, we had our super crazy Christmas Gift Exchange featuring gifts like blankets, plungers, toolsets, Santa outfits, and more.  If you ask me, it sure didn’t look like spirit of Christmas as people were viciously challenging each other and plundering goodies.  Thankfully, Robin Hood came to the rescue and restored order.  Or did it?

The Spoils of War

Contrary to our previous announcement of Bible study and ice skating, this Friday, we will be joining Berkeley for a special service entitled, “The Christmas Story.”  We will be leaving at 6:15pm from the dorm stop.  But don’t cry!  Next week we will have our time for ice skating  =)

What | The Christmas Story
When | 7:30pm (with rides at the dorm stop at 6:15pm)
Where | First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley

What | Worship Service
When | 1:00pm
Where | Willard Auditorium in Berkeley

SFSU & USF Koinonia Annc ~11/30/2010

November 30, 2010

Hey Koinonia!  Welcome back from the Thanksgiving break!  Hope everyone is recharged for the final stretch of the semester.  Now put away the extra pounds of Turkey stuffing and get ready for ____ !

(A) Finals! 

(B) Christmas! 

You fill in whatever you prefer because it’s that time of year.  And here at Koinonia, we’re really into an early Christmas, so this Friday after Bible study we’ve got our highly anticipated CHRISTMAS GIFT EXCHANGE.  Ever see a white elephant before?  Me neither!  It doesn’t matter because we’re going to have a white elephant gift exchange.  There will be games galore and lots of fun.  Because it is a gift exchange, everyone needs to bring a gift costing about $5, hence the name “gift exchange.”  You can’t exchange nothing.  That would be uber-sad.  So don’t forget!  Here are some random pictures from last year’s gift exchange.  Notice how the red thing Franklin was holding ended up with Jeffri =)

People are not happy until they get their gifts

That's better!


Does that look like it cost $5?

On Sunday, we will have our usual Sunday worship service in Berkeley with rides leaving at 12pm.  Afterwards, many of us will be staying in Berkeley to help out with the Angel Tree party.  Angel Tree is a ministry that helps to deliver gifts to children of prisoners on behalf of the prisoners.  It’s a great way to share God’s love to those who don’t get to enjoy Christmas with their parents.  So if you’re not too stressed with finals and want to participate, please let your Lifegroup Lead know…today!

What | TFN Bible Study!  (followed by Xmas Gift Xchange!)
When | 6:30pm starting with dinner
Where | Rosa Parks A-C

What | Worship Service
When | 1:00pm
Where | Willard Auditorium in Berkeley
(Rides at the Dorm Stop at 12:00pm, contact Erickson for rides info)